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Most trusted and advanced

Highest success rates of Paytm wallet transactions, intelligent routing algorithms and auto retrials ensure that your business gets the most out of payments.

Enabled with India's largest digital wallet

Paytm wallet is India's largest RBI approved digital wallet, with over 15 million wallet users and 10 mn+ monthly transactions already via wallet.

Most amazing user experience

Paytm users love paying through Paytm, be it on web or on mobile. That is what makes Paytm strongest payments consumer brand in the country.

Wide range of payment options (CCs, NBs)

With 40+ netbanking options, Paytm wallet, IMPS, Pre-paid cards and all major credit and debit cards, Paytm equips your business to accept payment in every way.

Attract Paytm customers

Paytm wallet users keep Rs 20 cr+ balance in their wallet and use it to shop for everything. Paytm wallet is the preferred medium for customers to pay to any merchant.

Get started easy and fast

Paytm is simple and easy to integrate. A few easy clicks later you can start using Paytm for payments. Small business can get started within minutes!

RBI approved digital wallet

15 million registered Paytm Wallet users. Accepted across multiple internet merchants in india

Benefits of using Paytm Wallet

PaywithPaytm is a revolutionary payment solution that changes the way the world shops online. (More) Offer your
customers all popular payment methods in one solution. They can also pay using their Paytm Wallet and gain much from it.
Simple to integrate and ensures hassle-free payment experience for customers.

Simple Payment

Paytm has always led the way with simplicity. With the single PaywithPaytm button, the user sees his available wallet balance and saved cards too. With just one click, he can choose and finish the payment.

Great Dashboard

Paytm gives you unmatched tracking with a great dashboard to track payments received, alerts, chargebacks, refunds and even support tickets. Life gets much easier!

Awesome conversion

Ensure minimal users drop off from your site. Wallet has seen conversion medics rise as much as 50% in some online sites. Lesser drop-offs directly translate into more revenue.

Ready to grow your business?

    • Sign up with Paytm

      If your total monthly transactions are worth over Rs 10,000, fill up the adjacent form and our personal advisor will get in touch with you shortly.

    • Get paytm wallet on your store or in your app(sdk)

      We enable PaywithPaytm on different platforms. As of now we support - Magento, Wordpress etc apart from mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

    • Done

      As soon as you integrate with us, you are ready to collect payments.


Need to accept payments immediately? Don't worry - generate one within 2 mins

Generate secure payment links and share them anywhere to receive payments.

    • Get the link for free

      We do not charge any fee for generating the link and sharing it.

    • Quick Settlements

      Settlements done after 2-3 days of the transaction. That is the quickest it can get.

    • Works for all browsers and operating systems

      We have tested for all the browsers and operating systems and made sure it doesn't break anywhere.

    • Low transaction fee

      We charge only 5% of the total transaction value.

    • Secure transactions

      We use the best methods in order to ensure that your transactions are secure.

    • Smart sharing

      We suggest the best online platforms to share your payments links to ensure higher sakes.

5.5m users on Paytm and 110m transactions per day
Payment link creation is so easy, Smart sharing.

"Pay with Paytm has been a valuable payment solution for Capital Mind, as we are able to sell our content online.
It took very little time to set up, our customers were able to apy quickly and we are able to track and receive sales revenue easily.
We heartily recommend them as a payment provider, and are delighted to see them grow."

"Pay With Paytm offers seamless integration for processing payments on our website directly.
This has helped our ticket buyers to transact fast and feel at home.
With Paytm's extensive analytics and dashboard, our support needs are further"